Here are a few designs I did a while back for a film in Spain. I think it was called "Without Sin" I have no idea whatever happened to it, but that's pretty common in film. The most fun was the sketches. Its rare that clients can read line work these days. Drawings don't seem to answer enough questions. Its a shame but still a very useful skill to have!


Björn said…
You should do more frequent updates instead of all at once:) Great stuff though!
Arms said…
Your product is good characteristic,So COOL~!!

Hi,I come from Taiwan,No comments wander to your blog。

I have been in the game design work, but there are bottlenecks and can not break through!

can I ask you questions about the role in the design of?

In the role of design, how to put their own ideas to express complete?

I hope you can pointing, I am eternally grateful!
Andrew Kim said…
Hey Jerad,

Long time no see~
Some of these new pieces are awesome! Hong tells me you're pretty much on every films out there. :) would love to see more stuff, man. Great stuff as usual!
Søren Bendt said…
digging these sketches!
Søren Bendt said…
sorry for double posting, but I just scrolled down trough your work, great stuff!

I love the freaky Klux Sculpt, do you have some bigger pictures of it? And what project was it for?

will be back for more.

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