Sucker Punch Designs

Sucker Punch was an amazing project to work on. It was like designing four different movies all at once. I was able to tackle everything from creatures to props on this show. Zack Snyder was the most decisive director and the design phase was incredibly efficient.There were a lot of incredible designers on this project and it was an honor to contribute. I had a lot of fun.
Here are a few deigns I did for the show.


Zachary said…
Wow -- crazy-awesome overload!! You're getting me excited to see the movie now!
Lyle Moore said…
This body of work is so humbling to me. Amazing range.
Mike said…
Eye Candy Galore...gonna have to sit down and spend some time on this work.
Anonymous said…
Very cool!!!!!
Awesome man.. I was about to call you and ask you about this stuff :)
7sevendesign said…
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AndreaMeli said…
Brilliant artwork, extremely inspirational! I love the designs for the Samurai Mecs.
Unknown said…
I've just seen the film, that's the most beautiful dragon I have ever seen on the screen! Smaug is going to have to be scarily fantastic to top that!
Sugandh.m said…
Your work is very different and makes one think.
I find the blend between various anatomies and asymmetry pretty interesting and jaw dropping.

Keep up the good work.

You have got one more fan following you from now onwards

Sugandh, from India

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