Transformers 3 Concepts

Here are a few designs I did for the film. I spent most of the time helping to develop the look of the Dredds. I did a few sketches for Shockwave and I worked on concepts for an indigenous creature that lights up, but was never used.


Glendon Mellow said…
I loved the designs in that movie. Great work on the Dreads! I really enjoyed how visually clear the difference between Decepticons and Autobots was in this movie.

Intriguing creature at the end there.
Lloyd Harvey said…
I actually like how these look more alien than machine. Although I really like the Transformers in the films, I find it so difficult to imagine them as living entities rather than machines with an operator.

I think your designs actually give off that living machine vibe, very much in a similar way the Spielberg's versions of the tripods have.

I dig the work man. Nice one.
Katt said…
I must apologize for disturbing you, good sir, but there is an art thief on Deviant Art posting other people's art as their own, including your own beautiful work.

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