The Thing Designs

Here are a few concepts I did for the The Thing"


Nice homage to the twisty and freaky designs from the original Thing. I also like how you gave the creature hair. For some reason it feels out of place and enhances the weirdness of it.
RR44 said…
i so want you to remake Godzilla for the new flick. would you if they ask you?
‡- Nolan -‡ said…
So, I'm basically doing some research right now.
About 2 years ago, I wrote a short story about a zombie apocalypse.
I really got into it, and I had planned to write a book.

Didn't happen.
Earlier today, I read that story again.
I'm going to dive into writing and experiment with some ideas!

I have no artistic talent. Whatsoever.
But I realized that I have a few artistic friends, one of which has helped me put my ideas on paper.

I'm definitely going to be looking at your art!
I'm not going to steal your ideas.
I'm not going to actually use your art, but I definitely will be drooling over your art, and kinda getting a feel for more.. interesting creatures!

I have a blog that is MUCH less interesting than yours, but I'm going to add you to my blog list thing.

Because I'm adoring your blog.
Very much.
Keep up the good work!

Unknown said…
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