Riddck Designs

This is a show I worked on a wild back for Christian Tinsley's Studio. Riddick is an incredible character and I loved being able to contribute to David Towey's universe. The original design for the Mud Demon was done by Patrick Tatopoulos. I took a pass at the creature for the show and modeled it out in Z brush.


Wicked! It must have been hard to animate on those skinny little legs. The tail was for balance I assume?
Lou Mareno said…
Your designs in the movie Sir were AMAZING , and I gotta tell ya your gallery is FANTASTIC!
All the best to you
Unknown said…
I can see, not all of you designs was approved, but for me, second image of the Mud Demon truly inspired. Look of these shape lines, these amazing chest curve.
Unknown said…
¿Es posible encontrar el archivo STL en algĂșn lugar para imprimir con mi impresora?

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